New Video: Patrick Wolf

The prolific and underrated Patrick Wolf, to coincide with his ten year anniversary as a recording artist, is soon to release a new double album of re-recorded acoustic versions of his songs. Entitled Sundark and Riverlight, the record looks set to have a thoughtful, retrospective tone – especially if this new video of ‘Overture’ is anything to go by.

To be perfectly honest, the video (which Wolf directed himself, no less) at points borders on laughably pretentious- pianos against a backdrop of darkened fields, Wolf trying on a macabre crown- adding a sense of Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’ parody, however the song, in a similar way to Cash’s powerful cover, is excellent and the new arrangement is a good one.

I’m unsure whether ten years warrants a collection/video such as this, but I’m sure Wolf fans will enjoy it. Probably just as much as I can imagine he did making it.