New Video: Peter Broderick

When Theo Walcott was included in England’s 2006 World Cup Squad as a 17 year old, thousands of schoolboys of a similar age finally gave up the dream. When someone as old, often younger than yourself begins to hit those magical landmarks which you envisioned to be waiting for you, just around the corner, it can prove to be a crushing reality check. Well, adventurous singer-songwriters, prepare to have your hearts shattered into a million worthless little pieces of gristle. Peter Broderick is a widely acclaimed songwriter, has been a member of Efterklang, and played with several ensembles as a session musician. He’s just turned 25 years old.

Broderick is preparing for the release of his impending album This will be his third release on Bella Union, along with his 2008 debut Home (released when he was only 21. WANKER!) and 2010’s How They Are, and is due to hit the shops on Monday 20th February 2012. Watch the video for ‘It Starts Hear’ underneath. A largely spoken word piece, the track rides on a gentle heartbeat of guitar stabs across a landscape of washy strings, bobbing bass-lines and harmnious backing vocals towards a chorus spelling out the (not very catchy, but internet friendly) name of the album.