New Video: Secret Cities

OMB usually hates split-screen. Having lived a life of playing 1st Person Shooter video games, nothing annoys us more than having to share a screen with a friend, a family member, or a fellow Spetsnaz. A shrinkage of the screen size usually incurs a simultaneous shrinkage in the chance of survival. With the arrival of the new Secret Cities video, however, I can already feel my split-screen-phobia beginning to fade.

“A young man plays a risky card and loses in the game of love in Christopher Good’s video for “Always Friends” by Secret Cities. Using a split-screen we’re invited to simultaneously watch the same story unfold at half speed on one side and regular speed on the other. The resulting parallel narratives end with a sobering dose of reality and a reminder that the boundaries between fantasy and reality are not unlike the boundaries between friendly and romantic relationships.”

The song, ‘Always Friends’ is taken from the band’s impending new album and displays the bands ability to serve up a delicious slice of classic AM radio pop. Secret Cities’ new album Strange Hearts will be released on June 6th courtesy of Western Vinyl Records.

Always Friends by Secret Cities from Western Vinyl on Vimeo.