New Video: Spring Offensive

Brooding and epic folksters Spring Offensive have taken the liberty of creating a new video. Brooding and epic, it promotes the track ‘Not Drowning But Waving’, a brooding and epic arpeggio-fest which has had some very good write ups in the national press. In all seriousness though, the video is very good; the wide shots of desolate beaches and hillsides complimenting the intense performance and arrangement of the track nicely.

The video, which investigates the ‘burden and consequences of guilt’, is self directed by the band and features a rather disgruntled young gentlemen re-enacting a drowning by acquiring various nik-naks (clothes etc) from the drownee and recreating the scenario in his bathroom. Admittedly, the video has a slightly ‘Spanish Sahara’ feel to it, but nonetheless is a sterling effort.

The (excellent) track is available for download or on (very) limited edition 7″ vinyl, on sale at shows and with a free download code within its bespoke packaging. All proceeds go to the Oxford University Drowning Re-enactment Society, which celebrates its bicentennial next week.

(The last statement is false)