New Video: Stealing Sheep

Heathens! Smock wearing, bead adorning pagans! With their pretty voices and their pretty faces and their hippy vibes with vocal harmonies. This kind of free thinking, pseudo-psychedelic folk must be crushed by the ecclesiastical powers of the Indie Church Of England! They are a menace to all electric guitar wielding white boys and their demi-God Alex Turner with his hair oh-so perfectly worn and his jeans oh-so perfectly torn. Well, actually, when you consider the length and breadth of the history of music in England, the Church of Indie has only ruled for a tiny sliver of that time. I am a renaissance man, and I say may the Pagan God’s bless Stealing Sheep and their new video for the song ‘I Am The Rain’ and their new album which is out in the summer courtesy of Heavenly Recordings (how apt!). Also, if you wish to pay service to these new sirens of the old Gods, then you can catch them at the Old Boot Factory in Oxford on Tuesday 10th April when they support Sea Of Bees.

STEALING SHEEP I Am The Rain [official video] from Jack Whiteley on Vimeo.