New Video: Trailer Trash Tracys

With a name like this you half expect Trailer Trash Tracys to be creating toothless, spouting lyrics about fucking Aunty Knuckle or Grandpap T-Bone’s prize cattle. Not arty, dream-pop that’s for sure. Well, that’s what you gonna get! At the beginning of the year London quartet Trailer Trash Tracys released their debut album Ester, a gorgeous, beguiling collection of pop songs with an intriguingly offbeam slant which quickly earned them glowing accolades from the broadsheets to the style press. The intervening months has only seen their profile grow exponentially, as they have journeyed around Europe on arena support tours and their mesmerising headline dates, centred around the sulphurous ‘Los Angered’ – a cosmic fusion of 50s pop refrains and waves of drum machine patterns washing against Suzanne Aztoria’s intoxicating siren call. Watch the video below: