New Video: Two Wounded Birds

The excellent Two Wounded Birds are set to release new single ‘To Be Young’ next week (August 5th), as such the official video has also emerged; both are pretty damn good. A fey, lovelorn indie pop song with surfy guitars and a vocal performance reminiscent of The Spinto Band‘s Nick Crill, this track feels like a better produced, and just better, C86 tune; heartfelt, lilting and soaked in lovely, lovely reverb.

The video was filmed in Westgate-on-Sea, near the band’s home of Margate. Directed by Dom Bridges, it features the band playing in a old cinema whilst cartoons are projected; complimenting the music’s vulnerability, naivety and romance nicely. Their debut album is out now on Holiday Friends Recording co, The Drums‘ guitarist Jacob Graham’s label, and is available from itunes.