Northmoor – London Town

I was in a band once. We played post-hardcore stuff, occasionally calling it math-rock, and getting very caught up in a labyrinth of causitc genre-picking. So I know the pitfalls.

But why, why oh why, would a band so proudly dub their sound: “‘Watery acoustic chillwave’, or ‘WAC’”.

This about sums up Northmoor’s musical location – pit/pratfalling. The piano is well-played if annoyingly overwritten. The singer is passionate if annoyingly overwritten (the lyrics are fair awful). The drummer… has potential. Classic teenage band-tropes.

Apart from there are very important parentheses, or ‘VIP’.

The aforementioned gang of four has either trillions of monies for a cool studio, or at least one member with a stunning ear for production. Let’s hope it’s the latter. Considering that their twitter is filled mostly with public school banter and links to Tatler articles, it may well be a combination of the two, but the point is that the track is really, really (like, by-the-bookishly, freakishly) well recorded. Especially for a demo from a teenage rock group.

Also there’s a really cool synth bit near the end of the song that sounds like everything that ever got any good young Christian all in a lather over Paramore.