Outfit @ The Bullingdon Arms – 12/02/12

When you here the term “much hyped” you instantly believe that this is the corporate machine working away trying to brain wash their audience in believing the band they are about to see are the next big thing. In Outfit’s case this is a band with much potential that might just live up to that hype.

The Liverpool 5 piece arrive on stage quietly as if not to cause to much of a fuss and then then go gently about their business. Instantly you can make reference to early eighties bands The Teardrop Explodes and China Crisis mixed with Hot Chip and our very own Trophy Wife. Their electronic sound cruises along with a strong funk bass keeping it all together.

The two synth/front men share vocals and really complement each other. Their charm is they are able to churn out intelligent electronic tracks effortlessly and this gives them a very “cool” personae, I also find myself at times transfixed to the bass player who gives the impression that he is doing very little yet sounds great.

The slow build up to their songs leads you to believe that they were about to cover Japan’s ‘Ghosts’ but instead they hit you with a sudden change of pace with quick melodies and rhythm. Outfit finish with their killer track ‘Two Islands’ a fantastic song that surprisingly sounds even better live than on record, the haunting slow delay guitars mixes well with the lonely feel of the song is a delight.  The track builds up and explodes with a guitar solo that does not sound self indulgent, it helps the track and their set close to a fitting end.

Outfit have a very strong set list and have a charm that will attract many followers. I look forward to the release of their debut album that is due out next month.