Jazz Festival Descends Upon Oxford

Calling all Howard Moon wannabes, Oxford Jazz Festival is currently traipsing through the city as we speak. Beginning yesterday and ending this Sunday, Oxford’s residents are invited to indulge in a spot of impromptu trumpet solos, boogie-woogie piano playing and scoobabity-bab-scat singing. The venues, spread across the whole city, include some of Oxford’s most famous and historic buildings; the Ashmolean Museum, the North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford Town Hall and Saint Michael at the North Gate, the oldest building in Oxford.

The theme of the 2011 festival is Celebrating British Jazz. British Jazz is a form of music that grew from American Jazz shortly after the end of World War One through recordings and performers who visited the country. The genre became fairly widespread in the 40s through musicians such as John Dankworth and Ronnie Scott (‘modern jazz’), as well as Ken Colyer, George Webb and Humphrey Lyttelton (New Orleans Trad Jazz). Through the 60’s jazz began to include a variety of influences, including blues and European and world music influences. Today jazz includes even more distinctive styles, including funk and hip hop. The Oxford Jazz Festival is proud to celebrate British Jazz artists in 2011.

Check the official website for a full schedule of events.