Oxford Punt 2012 Confirmed

Local music publication Nightshift have recently announced that this year’s Oxford Punt is confirmed, and will take place Wednesday 16th May across various venues in the centre of Oxford.

This is will come as excellent news to anyone familiar with this fantastic showcase of local music that has acted as a turning point for local acts such as Fixers, Little Fish, Young Knives and Stornoway, in previous years. The Punt had to take a break last year so it is fantastic to see it back in action.

The venues to take part this year are The Purple Turtle, The Cellar, The Wheatsheaf, The Duke’s Cut and The Junction.

Bands wishing to play can email links to their music to nightshift@oxfordmusic.net, or email a CD to Nightshift, PO Box 312, Kidlington, OX5 1ZU, in either case they should be clearly marked ‘Punt’ and include contact details. There are rules however, bands applying must have gigging experience and must not have played the Oxford Punt before.

The deadline for submissions is the 10th March, no decisions will be made until then. Passes will be available from OxfordMusic.net and well as the Truck Store. Keep an eye on the Nightshift forum thread to stay in the loop and engage in some band-based banter.

Many thanks to Ronan from Nightshift and the venues that will house the 20 acts, it’s going to be a great night for local music.