PADDOX to release debut LP – Stream opening track ‘Aphrodisiaque #001’


One Note Forever are pleased to announce that we are teaming up with fellow Oxford label Bear On A Bicycle to release electro-ambient outfit PADDOX’s debut LP. Aphrodisiaque will be issued on a beautiful, brutalist concrete-clad vinyl package. The release is being constructed using 3D-printed silicon moulds, each unit uniquely crafted and weighing 3kg. The LP will be released on Monday 1 December 2014 and is available to pre-order from:

PADDOX formed in 2014 around ex-Trophy Wife drummer Kit Monteith. With a nod to Cologne’s Kompakt Records, PADDOX delve deep into both techno and lush ambient soundscapes. The latter of which forms the basis of their debut release Aphrodisiaque.

PADDOX create their own brand of melodically rich, multi-layered pulsating ambience. At times delving into the world of sound-art and drone with the band’s live show experimenting and improvising with underwater singing and live plate-reverb manipulation, seamlessly blended into a pshychedelic and sensual ambience.

The band perceives Aphrodisiaque to be a genre in its own right. Aphrodisiaque is any piece of music sympathetic to an ambient vision of the act of love. The album’s six tracks listed as ‘Aphrodisiaque #001’ through to ‘Aphrodisiaque #006’.

The band have also joined forces with Italian designer Francesco Miniati to create the vinyl’s concrete packaging.

Paddox LP