PADDOX Release EP – Optimistic Visions of the Future

PADDOX - Optimistic Visions of the Future artwork

PADDOX have released their new EP, Optimistic Visions of the Future. Pulsing electronic beats, psychedelic synth soundscapes and the pounding rhythm of Berlin house, Optimistic Visions of the Future is a stark progression from the sensual ambient-drone which made up their debut LP Aphrodisiaque (released in late 2014 via One Note Forever/Bear On A Bicycle).

“Deliriously inventive alt pop with a jagged electronic edge” – Clash Magazine

“Insistent, repetitive beats recalling the kind of night that Berlin nightclub Tresor would put on” – Nightshift Magazine

The EP can be purchased at the One Note Forever online store or via iTunes and can be found streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal and many other streaming platforms.

The EP can also be streamed via PADDOX’s Soundcloud profile:

Lead single ‘Past Life’ begins with an intro of swirling, glitchy electronics before settling into an incessant techno beat complete with breathy vocal mantras. The video, filmed in Oxford’s Safehouse Studios, is recorded in the seedy CCTV monochromatic style and features PADDOX frontman Kit Monteith (current Foals collaborator and ex-Trophy Wife member) showing off his best dance moves for the camera.

Tracks ‘DTF’ and ‘Cold House’ both combine skittering synths with throbbing bass patterns and layered vocals, lyrics pining for a real and emotional connection with the past. The EP’s final track – ‘Spent My Love’ opens with ripples of electronic noise before launching into an aggressive bass synth-led bombast, the track closing with a minute and half descent into ambience whilst preserving the original uplifting melody.

PADDOX will also be performing live at The Verdict in Brighton on Thursday 26th May with fellow Oxford electronic artist After The Thought, whose recent album dregs was released late last year, in a gig promoted by Bear On A Bicycle. More info to follow.

The video for ‘Past Life’ can viewed underneath.