Parts & Labor – Constant Future

Constant Future is the new album by Brooklyn based three-piece Parts & Labor. The album has been released on Jagjaguwar records who have released great music from such bands as Swan Lake, Small Black and Bon Iver in recent years. The record was co-produced by David Fridmann who has worked with Mogwai and The Flaming Lips to name a few. The actual recording took place in a boxing ring in Milwaukee and has been in the pipeline for around two years since Receivers was released in 2008.

For this album, the band have branded themselves as ‘Noise Pop’. This album isn’t nearly poppy enough to satisfy that section of the genre but the hard-hitting percussion fits the ‘noise’ title. Guitar hooks can be found on this record but they are all too swiftly dismissed as most of the tracks are around the two-minute mark. I would have liked to have heard these explored more and return to the rousing seven minuters from Receivers and Stay Afraid.

For me, this album doesn’t show nearly enough variety as all twelve of the tracks stick to the pounding drums, vocals from Dan Friel and BJ Warshaw and the distortion filled background. I understand that this can however been taken as a positive. I suppose uniformity of noise can be seen as a compliment to the band as they are so sure of their sound that they haven’t tried to change a thing. To quote Woody Allen “a relationship is like a shark, if it doesn’t constantly move forward, it dies”, I’m afraid this album (to continue the analogy) is a stationary shark and, as it shows minimal to no progression, has suffered the worst of fates.

To be frank, this isn’t a great record and there are so many bands making similar music to a far higher standard. To its defence its not appalling either, it is certainly not challenging Rebecca Black on that end of the spectrum, but it is in fact remarkably unremarkable.



Released on 7th March 2011 by Jagjaguwar Records.