Two New Videos From Oxford Bands

We have two new music videos from Oxford bands today. First up is the two-piece rock monster Phantom Theory with the Zombie inspired video for their song ‘Tone Of The Dead’. The song is the opening track on their new EP Delayed And Decayed (which you can read our review for here). If you were one of the zombies going metal in The Cellar then you should be very proud of yourself (if not a little worried about your capacity to become so convincingly feral). You can still download the EP for free from the band’s website.

Secondly we have the video for Spring Offensive’s new single ‘A Stutter And A Start’. Recorded in a single take, the video follows the day of your average Joe Schmoe, filmed in a small stretch of Oxford alleyway. You can download the single from the bands website (complete with complimentary colouring book) or from iTunes.