Rebecca’s Black Friday

Here at OMB, we like to feel that we not only provide you with kick-ass music news, reviews and such, but also, that we pervade your mind with catchy, ditty-gifts. So here, without any further ado, and simply because it is actually Friday, Rebecca Black’s recent contribution to the youtube world of pap-pop.

This 13 year old produced princess apparently cried at all the nasty things people said about her on the internet. The silver lining to her little cloud of flame is that she is now more regularly viewed/derided than the Tiger-Blooded Charlie Sheen.

Of course the Bieber comparisons were unfortunately inevitable. It does seems as though she would like a slice of that pie, as she’s quoted as saying “I have Bieber fever. I am in love with Justin Bieber. [A duet] would make my life!”

So, not only talentless, but an idiot. Nice.

2 thoughts on “Rebecca’s Black Friday”

  1. JackOlchawski

    Nice pun.

  2. MattSimpkin

    I thank you.