Record Store Day – Oxford

Record Store Day will hold stronger resonance in Oxford this year with the arrival of the independent Truck Store on Cowley Road two months ago. Even though RSD is only in its fourth year after Metallica kicked off proceedings in 2008, the plight of record stores has never been more prevalent. Physical album sales are down by 50 million units since 2006 in the UK alone. So on April 16th and 17th, Oxford will get the chance to mark the event with a weekend of exclusive in-store performances from Young Knives, Little Fish and Fixers amongst others.

All across the country, bands, labels and – more importantly – record stores will be celebrating the weekend with a series of rare releases and in-store live shows. Oxford is no different; Radiohead will release an exclusive 12 inch vinyl limited to 2,00o copies in the UK and Ireland which will feature two brand new tracks; ‘Supercollider’ and ‘The Butcher’. REM, Gorillaz, AC/DC, Big Star, Caribou, The View, Tom Petty, Deftones and many, many more will also be releasing material which will prove rarer than steak sliced straight off the cow’s bum.

The Truck Store on Cowley Road will not only be Oxford’s chosen outlet for punters to show their solidarity to physical CD sales next weekend, but will also host a weekend of top-notch ocal music. On Saturday 16th Young Knives (who have only just released their brand new album Ornaments From The Silver Arcade), Spring Offensive, Half Rabbits, Phantom Theory, Nathaniel Rateliff, Sophie Barker and Adam Barnes will perform in-store sets. Sunday 17th will see Little Fish, Fixers, Richard Walters, Cat Matador, Message To Bears and Good Things Happen In Bad Towns do their thing.

Proceedings on each day kick off from 2pm and go on into the evening, but make sure you get their nice and early as it’s bound to be packed all day! And it’ll be a good chance to have a mosey around the Truck Store (if you haven’t already?) and buy some music (IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!).

One Note Forever will be there to show our unwavering support for the local bands, our local independent music store and for the future of record stores in general. Will you?

2 thoughts on “Record Store Day – Oxford”

  1. TomJowett

    FIxers have since pulled out 🙁

  2. Marrow

    Good luck with Record Store Day. We need to retain these institutions!