Date: August 2014
Artist: Viscous Liquid


Songs for Jealous Lovers plunges feet-first into a glassy ocean of shoegaze sounds and 60s surf-pop swells. The rise and fall of ‘Beach Party Yesterday’ paints a vivid picture of a Californian beach, wistfully dreamy yet crushingly lonely, able to bask in its natural beauty despite having just missed out on yesterday’s fun. The central tracks – ‘When I See You’ and ‘If I Go’ – revel in upbeat 60s jangle-pop with lashings of 90s shoegaze, slathering confident vocal melodies and bold guitar sounds.

The EP’s ends on the dizzying, optimistic high note of ‘Fun & Games’, a track that begins with simple percussion and chiming guitar chords but ends in a swirling tube of surf-pop euphoria.