‘Holy Terror’ is one of 5 tracks to be featured on the upcoming Mutes EP entitled Starvation Age, which shall be released on June 29th through One Note Forever records.

The midland-based, genre-spanning quartet (having evolved from the solo ambient project of frontman James) self-recorded the EP in a Leeds basement on analog equipment last year, the forthcoming release chews up the more ambient, restrained aspects of Mutes’ solo releases and spits them out in a far noisier, ragged and yet considered form.

‘Holy Terror’, the first song to be taken from the EP, has been recently premiered on the405. Encapsulating the finer points of Mutes’ sonic arsenal, the recently released track at first hammers away with razor-sharp guitars, droning vocals and walls of feedback. But as the urgency of the initial assault gives way to soothing ambience and docile bass lines, it becomes clear that Mutes are not disposed to monotony.



Mutes Holy Terror