Date: February 2015
Artist: Toliesel


Embracing a deeper-rooted sense of cosmic-Americana, Wilderness Blues takes it’s cues from Wilco at their loudest and Crazy Horse at their most melodic. Where debut Contours found Toliesel exploring their love for astute songwriting and considered arrangements, Wilderness Blues reveals a far more free-spirited beast.

There is familiarity to be found; the bitter-sweet melodies are still prevalent, as are the warmly euphoric wash of guitars, but where Contours showed reserve, Wilderness Blues holds its breath and jumps in. Instrumental passages are longer, louder and the aggression found in Contours’ closer ‘Brothers’ is now a mainstay. Think less Harvest, more Rust Never Sleeps.

Lead single ‘Bones’ is a condensed, breath-taking exertion of grungey Americana aggression. Its ethos is rustic and raw yet it is also deeply melodic and impressively polished. Hollered vocals, gnarled guitars and stacked up backing harmonies give ‘Bones’ vitality and fullness, and at under 3-minutes the track has gone before you even realise what just hit you.

Wilderness Blues certainly is an ambitious release, case and point being the closing track which gives the EP its name. ‘Wilderness Blues’ is an 8-minute country-rock epic which begins grounded on gleaming lap-steel and longing piano chords ending with lightyears of guitar noise and feedback; cosmic-Americana at its finest.