Remember Sandi Thom?

The music bizz can be cruel. Do you remember Sandi Thom? There’s every chance that you don’t. Do you remember that song about being a punk rocker with flowers in your hair? Oh yeeeeeeah! Didn’t that song knock Ganrl’s Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ off the number one spot? Unfortunately yes. Well, the person responsible for such a heinous crime, one said Sandi Thom, is playing the Oxford o2 Academy on Monday April 4th.

Whatever happened to Sandi Thom? Well, after two albums which failed to excite the music press and fans alike, Sandi got dropped by Sony. Tragically, she then released a Best Of Sandi Thom (after only two albums?) which flopped and did not enter any chart upon release. It appears that after travelling down from Scotland to London to peruse a career in folk, the music industry chewed up and spat out Sandi Thom. Perhaps she was too naive; perhaps she just wasn’t very good. Anyway, she obviously still has some support these days as she’s still getting booked to tour the UK.

Sandi Thom will be supported by Oxford singer-songwriter Miriam Jones.

3 thoughts on “Remember Sandi Thom?”

  1. AshleyFlynn

    How about mentioning that she is touring in support of her new blues album Merchants & Thieves? Or perhaps that she went out on a limb and created her own record label, Guardian Angel Recordings? Why post an update at all if you only mention out of date news? Sandi is doing an amazing job out on her own, the blues community LOVES her. Not to mention, Joe Bonamassa felt her worthy… he plays on several of the new albums tracks. Hard to argue with his opinion, I should think.

  2. TomJowett

    @AshleyFlynn Good points well made Ashley. But it’s hard to avoid the fact that some of her music is pretty naff!

  3. devina Mcdance

    @AshleyFlynn Joe Bonamassa appears because after Thom went on tour with him she cancelled her marriage plans and announced she had shacked up with him.

    The blues community and its journalists are sucking up to her so hard it hurts in the hope of gaining favour from the blue eyed boy so his appearance is totally irrelevant.