Sampler: Twi The Humble Feather

Ever thought of a person/relative/friend, realised that you haven’t spoken to them for ages, heard your phone chirp and see that very same person phoning/texting you? It’s the kind of experience which is both worryingly disarming and outrageously ecstatic all at once, often leading to you answering said call and blabbering a load of nonsense at them until you calm down a bit and them either rekindle and old relationship or realise that there’s a reason why you haven’t kept in such close contact over the past few months. This happened to me yesterday, but in a musical sense.

On my morning cycle into work I popped in my iPod headphones and wasted a good 5 minutes stood outside my front door trying desperately to pick a quality album for a sunny morning cycle. Beach Boys? Too obvious. Mogwai? Too ominous. Sung Tongs by Animal Collective? Hello, old friend! The strange acoustic pacing, the harmonious vocal whelps, the tribal beat of floor toms. Perfect.

I get home and open an email detailing a sampler for an upcoming EP release by Twi The Humble Feather. Never heard of them, but let’s give them a go. Hello again, old (new) friend. How I’ve missed you/never met you.

The EP Music For Spaceships And Forests will be available on May 21st by Million Records.