Seapony – Go With Me

“35 minutes of power-pop brilliance”. If you’re grabbed by that tag line, this album is perfect for you. Seattle’ s Seapony sound like a less moody Warpaint or a female version of The Drums but with much smaller egos. The wind swept, seaside shot dominated by a very hipster looking female is the perfect artwork for the album foregrounding to them all the key aspects of the bands music; washed out female vocals over surf pop.

The techniques used are straight out of the indie-pop textbook and lead on from what the Dum Dum Girls and Vivian Girls have been successfully doing for a while now. Jenn Weidl’s vocals make your ears feel like they’re being gently caressed by the wings of an angel, a really chilled out angel wearing double denim (they’re angels, they can pull it off). Every single track scores highly on the earworm charts due to Ian Brewer’s jangling riffs and the understated drums don’t compromise this one bit. Upon repeated, careful listens such lyrical gems as “I don’t really feel like everybody else/ I don’t want to be stuck on the bottom shelf” can be found. Weidl’s vocals are always audible but this certainly adds to the lo-fi, bedroom pop vibe.

The common criticism of this record is the fact that the tracks merge into each other so seamlessly that all 12 can float by without you noticing. My opinion however, is that this adds to the album by the way of evoking images of the calm, rolling surf being both beautiful yet short lived. The fact that the chords and tone don’t deviate a great deal throughout could also be seen as a fault but again I disagree. Go With Me has been released for the start of summer and contains wall-to-wall summer. A winning formula? I think so.

If this album was to be used as background music these 12 tracks probably won’t command your attention but if you take the time to attentively and carefully listen, you may just fall in love.



Released on 31st May 2011 by Hardly Art Records

One thought on “Seapony – Go With Me”

  1. TomJowett

    Even on a cloudy day such as today, this album is brightening my mood! 🙂