Secret Rivals – ‘Everything I’ve Lost’

‘Everything I’ve Lost’. It’s an ironic title for a song by a band who have everything to gain. With its energetic, punchy drum beat grabbing your attention from the very beginning, its soft, lyrical synth line rising to almost euphoric heights, its driving guitars evoking Los Campesinos!, and a thumping bass line carrying the song on a steady wave to the very end, ‘Everything I’ve Lost’ has all the ingredients of a really good pop song.

However, Secret Rivals do not stop at really good pop song. They have made a really great one. What raises them above the mediocre indie crowd is the contrasting boy-girl vocals between singers Claudia Saez and Jamie Corcoran. Saez’s gentle, sweet voice is perfectly set off by Corcoran’s hoarse shouts. This fits in completely with the angsty, emotionally charged lyrics. They are utterly convincing as the couple whose relationship is falling apart. The balance of sweetness and aggression is spot on, and adds a fascinating depth to the song.

“I’m not sure what I feel anymore, the only thing we agree is that it’s not like it was before,” lament the pair. Admittedly, the lyrics are a bit clichéd, but to be honest, it doesn’t matter! ‘Everything I’ve Lost’ is dynamic, catchy and simple. It doesn’t need brilliant lyrics, the music speaks for itself. It is, to put it bluntly, straight up indie pop at its very best.

Secret Rivals are a hugely promising band who make music that is both danceable and gently melancholic. “This has to stop!” bark Saez and Corcoran at the climax of the song. No, Secret Rivals, please keep going!

Released on 24th September 2012. Free download (