Senses Fail @ Oxford O2 Academy 2 – 26/02/2011

The O2 is packed with people of all ages, though most of the crowd members seem only to be here to see the 2 local bands. Local death core band Crysis get the first mosh pit of the night going, yet their set passes by with few memorable moments. Junkie Brush on the other hand are a local trio playing straight up punk. With a fuck you attitude and some good riffs this band defiantly play some good songs despite a disinterested crowd.

Man Overboard are a dual singer pop punk band (think All Time Low and Blink 182) and they get the crowd moving again. With some good, yet slightly average, pop punk songs and light hearted jokey banter, Man Overboard play an entertaining set.

Hailing from New Jersey, Senses Fail have been playing their passionate post-hardcore since 2002 and tonight they are touring their 4th album The Fire. The crowd has thinned slightly since the local bands and the always opinionated lead singer, Buddy Nielsen, is quick to point this out. This doesn’t stop Senses Fail making the crowd go wild playing classics such as ‘Buried A Lie’, ‘Can’t Be Saved’, ‘Calling All Cars’ and ‘Tie Her Down’.

There is a good mix of; crowd baiting banter (including Buddy claiming to have studied at Cambridge), old and new songs. They mix well with ‘Life Boats’ and ‘The Fire’ standing out from the new album, getting as big a response as their classics such as ‘The Irony of Dying On Your Birthday’. They finish up with fan favourite, ‘One Eight Seven’, and despite a thinning of the crowd, Senses Fail leave the stage with the knowledge that they may not be the biggest band but they have a lot of love from their devoted fans and can put on a damn good show.

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    No memorable moments my swollen aching right testicle, and dwys swollen face they were awesome and id say the wall was memorable to say the least the were a lot better than some much bigger bands i’ve seen -.- <3 crysis