Sigur Ros Teaser Trailer

One of the most gratifying trends of the year so far has been the musical teaser trailer. Released with no fanfare, these videos appear without warning on the websites of musicians or a discreet link is shared via Twitter or Facebook. Sigur Ros have posted a video on their official website as mysterious as the band; grainy black and white footage of the band playing live with an original score which sounds like the soundtrack to Antichrist. The disturbing drones are then suddenly halted by a beautiful, placid piano piece. It looks like the band may be prepping for a live DVD release, but it really is hard to tell, one thing we do know though, it’s called Inni.  The video is at the bottom of this post.

A few months prior to the release of his amazing new album this year, Bon Iver uploaded this video on his official website and shared it via Twitter. It was the first he had heard of what we now know as album opener ‘Perth’, and the footage was a rather shaky exploration of the album’s front cover. The playful guitar inflections, those ghostly backing harmonies, it all helped hype up the band’s self-titled album which is surely one of the best albums of the year so far.

Chillwave pioneer Neon Indian recently followed suit with a teaser trailer of his own. A black and white video which follows front-man Alan Palomo around a snowy St Petersburg, the music itself begins like a score to a Hammer Horror classic (or maybe Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace) , but Palomo drops a ridiculously funky beat and now I, like may more I imagine, can’t wait to hear their new album Psychic Chasms which will be released on October 10th courtesy of Transgressive Records.

Now for this Sigur Ros trailer. Those who have seen the band live will know what an awe-inspiring spectacle it can be, so a live DVD kinda makes sense, but listening to the harrowing drone of the opening few seconds I bloody hope this is a take from a really scary new album.

With competition so tough in the music industry these days and increased pressure on the shoulders of artists to shift records, bands are having to come up with more novel ways of creating a buzz about their impending releases. The teaser trailer sure is a intriguing method of quickly grabbing people’s attention. However, I think that, more often than not, these trailers are preaching to the converted. Teasers like these are more likely to whet the appetite of a current fan base rather than draw in the unitiated. Either way, for some people – myself included – new music is like cat-nip, and this is a sure fire way to generate excitement amongst music lovers for new releases in an thoughtful, artistic manner.