Small Machine – Small Machine EP

Small Machine formed just under two years ago and have been rocking socks and making ears ring with their punchy, guitar driven sound ever since. Their self-titled EP came out early April and has been on many an OMB Team Member’s playlist throughout the month.

The three track long debut, recorded at Buckinghamshire’s Hill Valley Studios, is a tempestuous little beast and kicks off with the uptempo ‘Gaslight Fades’; a punchy, shouty number that should only be listened to loud. 11 loud. The crunch of the two guitars is held together superbly by some very tight stick work from drummer Laurence Bowers and sits like a beautiful bed of nails under the wailing vocals of frontman Sam Wadsworth.

‘Collapse’ is, according to bassist Jim Davies, “one of the slowest songs [the band] have ever written”. Don’t expect some lazy slug of a tune though, this is a well-pitched change of pace. Small Machine slickly show their diversity with this emotive and actually quite moving song about personal metamorphosis. This anthemic slice of rock-ballad pie builds towards an epic crescendo, finishing with the final chord ringing on. Nice.

The third and final track ‘Kind Regards, William Birkin’ manages to combine a Resident Evil reference and a dark lullaby of a track that simply refuses to be “that one at the end”. This noisy example of how-it-should-be-done is ear grabbingly good. Again, the two guitars and vocals of Rob Perrie and Sam Wadsworth provide a hauntingly beautiful cacophony whilst the bass and drums stick to their guns to keep the whole thing together.

An excellent debut from the Thames Valley based band that almost certainly need to be seen live to be fully appreciated.