Spring Offensive Play Your House!?!

On March 31st, as part of the UK leg of their tour, Spring Offensive played at a couple of peoples’ house parties in Oxford to celebrate the launch of the physical edition of ‘Worry Fill My Heart’. It was something the band had wanted to do for a while, and had such an amazing time that they’ve decided to do a weekend of similar shows on April 27th, 28th, and 29th. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone’s place of work, their living room, or a small kitchen – they’ll play a show wherever. Although, maybe an S&M dungeon with shit covered walls is a push too far. The only thing is that the band might have to restrict willing venues to within manageable driving distances from Oxford, but aside from that anything’s fair game. The idea is that they have a few approximate time slots available, and people can drop them a line at party@springoffensive.co.uk to stake a claim for any one of them:

Friday 27th: 8/9pm
Saturday 28th: 10am
Saturday 28th: 1.30pm
Saturday 28th: 5pm
Saturday 28th: 9pm
Sunday 29th: 7pm

So, your place or mine?