Spring Offensive – ‘Worry Fill My Heart’

2011 was a pretty mighty year for Spring Offensive; in local terms alone it saw them grow from local heroes to Oxford’s next export. The success was highly deserved, with every show they seemed to unleash a new killer track, or be just a fraction more in sync; it was a year that saw them improve as a group more than any of their previous years put together.

Latest single, ‘Worry Fill My Heart’, sees Spring Offensive continuing to do what they do best; melancholic tales of woe set to skittering beats and tropical guitars. It’s a sound familiar to indie fans, but in these hands, a rich sadness that’s been missing from the genre is pushed to the fore. That’s not to say this is a miserable track, their remains a sense of uncertain optimism amongst it all, and the almost haunting accompanying backup vocals solidify the sense of unity, a collective struggle. It’s a wonderful documentation of the anxieties that plague a group of young men grappling their twenties, the new responsibilities this entails, and its collisions with artistic, or youthful ambitions.

Accompanying b-side, ‘Carrier’, isn’t really a b-side at all; both songs been given the video treatment and it is by no means less of a showcase of a band coming into their own. Beginning with floating harmonies, engaging lyrics and a subtle drum pulse, the track grows, and so too does the menace that is rumbling beneath. Once again the rhythms are familiar and music safe, but the strength of the song writing and the way Spring Offensive have grown to perform as unit means it remains fresh and innovative.

Getting from good to great is a young band’s most important milestone. Fixers did it; Dead Jerichos could do it; but pay close attention to Spring Offensive because they are doing it right now.

Released on 17th March 2012