Star As A Zombie In New Phantom Theory Video

“They’re coming to get you, Barbara!” Phantom Theory are coming to get you, drag you down into The Cellar and eat your brains! Next Sunday, Aaron and Steven are getting zombie-fied for the video of vicious new single ‘Tone Of The Dead’ (which you can listen to on their Bandcamp: click here) and they need your help! Ever wanted to be undead for just one day? Well, now is your chance!

Get yourself to The Cellar in Oxford city centre on Sunday 27th from 12pm onwards and prepare to look the most putrid you’ve ever been; I’m not talking about seeming a tad rough, but full-on 28 Days Later style rotten. Plus you’ll get to be an extra in a pretty cool video, looking super scary for a great local band. What further incentive do you need? Brains, I hear you say? Rest assured you’ll be able to eat all the fresh brains your decaying belly can bear. Well, there won’t really be a buffet of brains and entrails, but they will feed and water you.

In the words of the mighty Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead II: “Let’s head on down into that cellar and carve ourselves a witch”. Who are we to argue with a man who has a chainsaw for an arm? See you down there. Groovy!

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  1. PhantomTheory


    For anyone who’s interested in the above we’ve got some more info about the shoot on our website.