Surfer Blood – Tarot Classics EP

One of the hottest bands of last summer, Surfer Blood, who’s debut album Astro Coast received critic acclaim across the board, are back with the new EP Tarot Classics. The reverb soaked indie surf rock that won over fans and critics alike still dominates the Floridian four-pieces sound on Tarot Classics.

However, it is fair to say that Surfer Blood have definitely matured and the four track EP shows off the bands pop-sensibility more than ever, with some extremely catchy guitar hooks embedded throughout. Coming in at just over 15 minutes, Tarot Classics makes for a great snappy listen and hopefully can bring some Florida sunshine to Oxford this winter. There is also a marked improvement in the overall production of the songs, this will definitely make the band more assessable to a wider audience if the next album sticks along this path, (whether or not that’s a good thing is up to you).

Out of the four songs on Tarot Classics, it is near impossible to pick out which is more of a classic than the rest. After listening to the EP on repeat for the sixth or seventh time, I’m pretty sure that  ‘Voager Reprise’ is my favourite, with ‘I’m Not Ready’ coming in a very close second. Although all the songs on Tarot Classics could easily be released as singles in their own rights, having them all together on one EP is a real treat.

If the band have more material of this quality then the next album should be met with even more excitement than the first. It is clear that a year of heavy touring has really polished the band and helped them pin down a great, catchy indie-pop/rock sound. That should see them continue to be one of the hottest new bands around.



Released on 24th October 2011 by Kanine Records.