Favourite Albums of 2015

Favourite Albums of 2015

No ranking. No overwrought analysis behind why this album or that album was the truest representation of the state of humanity in the year 2015 AD. Just a list, presented… Read More →

Dream-Pop, Post-Rock & Shoegaze Mixtape 2000-2014

Dream-Pop, Post-Rock & Shoegaze

Having seen this article on the Guardian, in which they ask readers to submit three tracks that they think should feature on a mixtape showcasing the best music since the… Read More →

Wye Oak – Spiral


Last year Wye Oak released the brilliant breakthrough album Civilian, a record which was full of layered shoegaze guitars, melancholic vocals and lyrics and a song-writing sophistication comparable to their local Baltimore buddies Beach House. The band are back and have done what is commonly known as “doing a nostalgia”. M83 did it on their last record and now it looks like Wye Oak have similarly decided that looking back provides the best inspiration for moving forward. Basically, they’ve gone 80s. Listen to ‘Spiral’ here.

Beach House – Bloom

Evident even from their self-titled debut, Beach House are a band who are at home with their own sound: unique, rich and ambient soundscapes consisting of Alex Scally’s guitar coupled with Victoria Legrande’s keyboards and breathy, sultry vocals. To continue with this formula six years and four albums later would seem risky to many less beloved and acclaimed bands. Beach House have honed this sound until it has become signature and exemplary whilst still evolving and expanding from album to album. Words by Jon Clark.