Go-Kart Mozart – On The Hot Dog Streets

“Da da da, we’re a novelty band” – these are some of the first words you hear on Lawrence’s latest, released under the rather apt moniker, Go-Kart Mozart. Novelty indeed. This stuff is silly, occasionally kitschy and amazingly clever and intelligent at the same time. 16 tracks (plus one brief guitar solo, thrown in just for the hell of it) that could be described as part synth pop, part glam rock, all filled with some of the most exciting British melodies you’ll hear all year. Words by Alexey Provolotsky.

The Fall – Ersatz G.B.

Is it even possible to write a review of a new album by The Fall without getting into figures? Well, no, so here goes: Ersatz G.B. is the band’s album #29. And to those of us who’ve been through it all with him, Mark E. Smith is still irresistible; this blind, drunk, crude force of nature that keeps flogging that undying post-punk horse and smashing everything around him in a desperate, abusive, somewhat hilarious, but wholly addictive way. Words by Alexey Provolotsky.