PADDOX Release EP – Optimistic Visions of the Future

PADDOX - Optimistic Visions of the Future artwork

PADDOX have released their new EP, Optimistic Visions of the Future. Pulsing electronic beats, psychedelic synth soundscapes and the pounding rhythm of Berlin house, Optimistic Visions of the Future is… Read More →

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Trouble

Somehow, despite props from Cheryl Cole, and selling a whole bunch of Nokias, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is still an underground artist. People still talk of him as a knowingly swopped open secret between the initiated. So it’s comforting to hear, then, upon started up Trouble, that even with a potential career-cannoning debut album, the boy has stuck to his guns. I’ll eat my hat if Higginbottom isn’t working with Rihanna in a year or two. Words by Biu Rainey.

Coloureds – Elastic EP

The style displayed on the Elastic EP by Coloureds is a very sample heavy, cut up and high energy dance floor based affair. It sounds very much like a more fun take on the Akufen cut up sound which he helped pioneer many years ago. They manage to cram in so many different sounds which come at you thick and fast. This obviously runs risk of being too much. Words by David Morrison.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – ‘Tapes & Money’

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ latest offering is quite definitely a reminder of why we love him. A lovely little dancey square-wave popper. Once again miles ahead of the competition. Does he even have a competition? There is no-one else making music like this, this euphoric – at least not at this BPM and this spacious – and if he keeps on, Oxford will surely secure yet another bright star in the musical pantheon. Words by Biu Rainey.

Tonight: Needle In A Haystack

Rapidly growing club night Needle In A Haystack returns for their 7th instalment this Friday 10th February. The night will be taking place at their usual home of Baby Love Bar from 22:00 until 03:00. Typical nights include a heady mix of the best in Indie, Dance, Funk and everything in between. With top tunes by Prince, Ray Charles, Jacques Greene, Pixies, 2 Bears, Sam Cooke, Ramones, and Chemical Brothers to name a few. With a heavy focus on fun and the very reasonable price of £3 all night what’s not to like?

Friendly Fires – Pala

Just as their self-titled 2008 album refused to be pigeon-holed to a particular genre, Pala combines dance, punk, 80s synths, silky smooth melodies and Friendly Fires’ characteristically mental percussive arrangements. It is sure to send festival crowds insane all over this summer a fantastic follow up album, head spinning stuff indeed. Words by Miriam Carter-Fraser.