Favourite Albums of 2015

Favourite Albums of 2015

No ranking. No overwrought analysis behind why this album or that album was the truest representation of the state of humanity in the year 2015 AD. Just a list, presented… Read More →

Dream-Pop, Post-Rock & Shoegaze Mixtape 2000-2014

Dream-Pop, Post-Rock & Shoegaze

Having seen this article on the Guardian, in which they ask readers to submit three tracks that they think should feature on a mixtape showcasing the best music since the… Read More →

The Lost Art of the Soundtrack: Examining a Few Wonderful, Largely Overlooked Motion Picture Soundtracks

Where The Wild Things Are Illustration

Would a great movie still be a great movie without a great soundtrack? Some might argue that music in films is somewhat ephemeral in many cases, especially considering the recent… Read More →

Atlas Sound – Parallax

Bradford Cox, through both his solo alias, Atlas Sound, and the Georgia indie-rock band, Deerhunter, that he fronts, has put out six albums in the last four years. SIX! Alongside this, there have been a couple of EPs, a multitude of “virtual 7 inch” downloads, and last year, four volumes of demos entitled Bedroom Databank. And Parallax, the latest offering from the hardest-working-man-in-music is of the highest quality. Words by Caroline Corke.

OMB Staff – Best Albums Of 2010

What is a ship without it’s crew? Absolutely nothing. And, with that in mind, if the OMBoat was without its rag-tag bunch of musically inspired pirates then Cap’ain Jowett and… Read More →