The Best Albums of 2014 (part ii)

Best Albums 2014

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Dirty Projectors – Swing Lo Magellan

Lead Projector Dave Longstreth has always dictatorially steered the band in many surprising directions, most of which are towards experimentalism, esoterica, and general oddness. However one of the most surprising directions the band have pursued is the warm, poppy sound of their new album Swing Lo Magellan. They have married his artistry and ambition to pop music, and made an album that I know I personally will play to death. Basically – good luck finding a better album this year. Words by Dexter Bush.

New Video: Dan Deacon

It’s almost impossible to take your eyes off this video. So much so that, first time you watch it, you might not even notice that there is a song going on in the background. And what a song! ‘The Thrush’ is the first single to be taken from Dan Deacon’s impedning America album, set for release on August 27th via Domino. The video co-directed by Ben O’Brien and Dan Deacon (making his directorial debut) is based on a drawing game popular in the Baltimore art collective Wham City, which is in turn based on the game “telephone.”

New Song: Dirty Projectors

Hot on the heels of Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors have made their claim for the prestigious “Most Eagerly Anticipated Album Out Of Brooklyn This Year” award. That’s a real award right? What does it even look like? A BAFTA style re-imaging of Walt Whitman’s face probably. With their new album – Swing Lo Magellan – due out in July coutrtesy of Domino, the band have released a sneaky little peek of what to expect in the form of new song ‘Gun Has No Trigger’ (streaming underneath).

New Animal Collective Album On The Way!

Days after releasing a fresh single, Animal Collective have announced the release of a new album. Centipide Hz will be released on September 3rd this year via Domino Records. Being as elusive as ever, the band have only released an obscure preview video which seems to reveal the track-listing of the impending LP, and if that is the case, the two singles we heard a few days ago do not feature on the new record. It’s hard to gauge what the record will sound like from the trailer.

New Songs: Animal Collective

Just in case you missed it…Animal Collective dropped some fresh tunes recently. Best news we have heard all year? It will certainly take a lot to top it! Maybe Adam Richman having a massive coronary explosion whilst the cameras are still rolling. That would be pretty sweet. The ‘Honeycomb / Gotham’ digital bundle is available today and the physical 7inch is available to pre-order now on the Domino Store with instant MP3 gratification of both tracks. The 7inch will be available via Dom Mart on the 26th of June.

The Magnetic Fields – Love At The Bottom Of The Sea

It’s just as good as 69 Love Songs. Isn’t that what we all want to hear? That now that they’re back on Merge Records in the US (Domino here in the UK) and reunited with their synth-crackle-pop sound, Stephin Merritt and co have created an album just as satisfying as 69 from 99? 15 tapas-style tracks (none reaches the three-minute mark) there are some really great tunes where the lyricism and the musicianship recall the giddy glory of 69 Love Songs days. Words by Naomi Rose.

New Video: Blood Orange

Firstly, I must confess, I hated Test Icicles. They were the pinnacle of style over substance. I didn’t like Lightspeed Champion. I thought the lyrics were too try-hard and sound was like that of a mild cheddar cheese; almost impossible to dislike, but longing for something a bit stronger. So, third times a charm Dev Hynes, and you might have just won me over. Blood Orange is the name of his new project and, although this is the only taster I’ve had yet, there is something quite appealing about it.

Real Estate – Days

Is it always summer in Ridgewood, New Jersey? Yes, if you are to believe the testaments of Real Estate’s latest addition to the increasing grassy knoll of summery indie which has drifted into the airwaves over the last year or so. An enjoyable albeit repetitive album, Days shimmers with a golden warmth possibly only applicable to the state of perpetual sunshine in which Real Estate seem to exist. Days is the soundtrack to a bored summer. Words by Jon Clark.