Oliver Wilde // Interview

Oliver Wilde Interview

The bedroom recording artist is no longer an uncommon proposition. The image of a person, cutting their songwriting and recording teeth whilst hunched up the solitude of their childhood bedroom… Read More →

T.E.E.D @ Bullingdon Arms – 03/02/12

Electronic dance music is so often characterised by intense seriousness; from chin-stroking experimental laptop electronica to drug-friendly house and techno. Orlando Higginbottom’s Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs project provides a much needed injection of genuine fun into dance music, by putting as much care and attention into the theatricality of his live performances as he does into his bittersweet house-pop. Words by Dexter Bush.

New Video: iamamiwhoami

Having broke through into the world of independent electronica through one of the most ambitious and interesting PR campaigns of the internet age, iamamiwhoami, or as she’s known to her mother Jonna Lee, has unveiled a new video and, apparently, has announced her intention to release new material in June of this year. In 2009 she sent numerous teaser videos to several digital music publications and bloggers, but now it seems like an official release is on it’s way.

New Song: Bear In Heaven

A few months back it was announced that a new Bear In Heaven release was on the cards and, being the absolute hipsters they so clearly are, they released a preview track at a speed of around 4000% slower than the true recorded version. Thankfully, the band have nought us back up to speed with the formal release of their new song ‘The Reflection Of You’. The new album – I Love You, It’s Cool – will be released on April 2nd via Dead Oceans/ Hometapes.

New Song: Zola Jesus

Nika Roza Danilova, AKA Zola Jesus, burst into our consciousness thanks to her 2010 album Stridulum II, firmly cementing her name as one of the most interesting and daring female artists around, pushing the increasingly dark boundaries of electronica. With the release of her third album, Conatus, due in the next few weeks (September 26th to be precise), Zola Jesus have released another glimpse into this highly anticipated follow-up, in the form of new single ‘Seekir’.

The Oxford Ambient Collective – The Unrequited

It’s Trippy, it’s eerie, it’s futuristic, it’s The Oxford Ambient Collective’s album The Unrequited. Electronic music isn’t everyone’s first choice when it comes to genre, some would call it an acquired taste, however even an outsider can appreciate the talent that has gone into this album. This whole album feels like the backing track to some strange futuristic film, like their should be footage running over the noises that you hear, the music certainly does create a haunting ambience. Words by Alex Meakin.

New Song: AIVA

AIVA, a new solo female artist from Washington DC, has covered one of Drake’s most haunting song’s ‘Pink Moon’, taken from his infinitely sad and final album of the same title. Thankfully, this cover is not just another singer-songwriter doing their best Nick Drake impression over an acoustic guitar, instead AIVA creates a backdrop of bright synths and a wash of breezy vocal harmonies. Listen here.