New Track: Foals

Foals are back and sounding pretty funky. ‘Inhaler’ is the first track to taken from the band’s impending 2013 album release Holy Fire. With their last album, 2010’s Total Life… Read More →

Double Suns Art Project

We all know what an artistic bunch the Blessing Force crew are, right? If you have been to any of their live showcases then you will already know this. Well here is another colourful brick in their already arty edifice; Double Suns is a collaborative arts project from Andrew Mears and one of Blessing Force’s resident artists and print makers, Valeska Hykel. Every two weeks an artist, musician, writer or filmmaker will be invited to design a t-shirt and a screen-printed object. Featuring designs from members of Foals and TEED.

Dead Jerichos – Please Yourself EP

There definitely seems to be a mould that most bands from the city of dreaming spires seem to fit into: complex guitar riffs and poetic and catchy lyrics. Dead Jerichos are one of the great bands that are of the Oxford music scene with motifs sounding like a mixture of Trophy Wife, Foals and Spring Offensive. The EP presents the effortless cool and subtle complexities that Craig Evans, Sahm Amirsedghi and Leo Rayner create. Words by Bethany Bagnall-Ainslie.