Dirty Projectors – Swing Lo Magellan

Lead Projector Dave Longstreth has always dictatorially steered the band in many surprising directions, most of which are towards experimentalism, esoterica, and general oddness. However one of the most surprising directions the band have pursued is the warm, poppy sound of their new album Swing Lo Magellan. They have married his artistry and ambition to pop music, and made an album that I know I personally will play to death. Basically – good luck finding a better album this year. Words by Dexter Bush.

Haim – Forever EP

Haim write such beautifully captivating music that it should come with a health warning. The simplistic nature of the tracks coupled with the scintillating vocal harmonies means that all the songs are instantly etched in your brain. And it gets worse with every listen…I’ve spent the past few days walking around humming the music like an absolute loon. I fear if I don’t stop listening soon I may be sectioned. Why is it so effective? For my mind it’s the sheer addictiveness. Words by David Morrison.

A Silent Film – This Stage Is Your Life

A Silent Film have always been a fantastic live act, but after their slightly disappointing debut album in 2008 I did doubt whether they could make an impact in such a saturated market with bands such as Coldplay and Snow Patrol dominating. This EP however demonstrates that A Silent Film could make inroads and it is easy to see why they are now creating such a stir in the States. It will be interesting to see how their stay in America develops and if they can get that big break they so richly deserve. Words by Paul Evans.

The Cast Of Cheers – Family

Indie music seems to have progressed not one jot from then if The Cast of Cheers’ second record is anything to go by; stuck firmly in the era of Skins, Family bears witness to jittery, yelping post-punk of a pretty high standard, but fails to tread any new ground, occasionally treading water instead. Still, a fuck sight better than Two Door Cinema Club. By no means a record of the year, it could be one for the summer- use with generous quantities of alcohol, pills and nitrous oxide and see how that goes. Words by Jon Clark.