The Best Albums of 2014 (part ii)

Best Albums 2014

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New Song: S. Carey

You may know S. Carey better as the drummer in Bon Iver. This fact will probably be made apparent within the opening paragraph in most introductions to S. Carey as an artist. However, don’t think just because he’s winning Grammy’s as a drummer that he shouldn’t be winning plaudits for his solo work. Of course, Justin Vernon will cast a long shadow over the solo career of S. Carey, but this is nothing to shy away from. He should be even prouder of his achievements in music given the quality of this particular solo offering.

New Song: Moonface

If you remember supergroup Swan Lake, then give yourself a firm pat on the back, but not too firm or you might break your skinny, Casio adorned, indie-boy(girl?) wrists. The person who made Swan Lake truly “super” was Spencer Krug of Montreal’s Wolf Parade, and he’s back under a new guise called Moonface. You can listen to their new track ‘Teary Eyes And Bloody Lips’ underneath, taken from their impending album With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery which will be released on April 16 via Jagjaguwar.

Sharon Van Etten – Tramp

There are some bands, artists, singers, albums, even entire genres of music, which cannot be analyzed or dissected without losing some of their magic. Sharon Van Etten’s most recent album Tramp, is one such album, and Sharon Van Etten is one such artist. So heartfelt and beautifully delicate are the songs on Tramp that any close inspection feels as though it will topple the carefully constructed magic, making the task of reviewing it fairly difficult. By Dexter Bush.

Parts & Labor – Constant Future

Constant Future is the new album by Brooklyn based three-piece Parts & Labor. The album has been released on Jagjaguwar records who have released great music from such bands as Swan Lake, Small Black and Bon Iver in recent years. The record was co-produced by David Fridmann who has worked with Mogwai and The Flaming Lips to name a few. This must be good, right? Words by Callum McCulloch.