Bear In Heaven – I Love You, It’s Cool

Each track on Bear In Heaven’s new album is beautifully crafted, relentlessly energetic and expansive in its densely layered sound. But around halfway through my first listen, it all began to merge, no track felt distinctive. Though just as boredom threatened to sink in, my reaction started to change. The albums sameness started to feel less like monotony and more like a single, powerful idea. With my first impression ditched, I Love You It’s Cool became more engaging with each listen. Words by Daniel Kempson.

New Song: Bear In Heaven

A few months back it was announced that a new Bear In Heaven release was on the cards and, being the absolute hipsters they so clearly are, they released a preview track at a speed of around 4000% slower than the true recorded version. Thankfully, the band have nought us back up to speed with the formal release of their new song ‘The Reflection Of You’. The new album – I Love You, It’s Cool – will be released on April 2nd via Dead Oceans/ Hometapes.

Listing Ships – 100 Gun Ship

Listing Ships are a quartet from East Oxford who feature former members from Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element, Witches, From Light To Sound and Piexo. Having already gotten their first release out of the way the maritime theme unsurprisingly continues with the release of 100 Gun Ship. This is Post-Rock perfectly executed to devastating results, at times subtle and calm only to be replaced with a fantastic post hardcore racket. Words by David Morrison.

New Video: The Big Pink

The Big Pink are an odd band. Named after a seminal country/folk/rock album by The Band, but sounding nothing like Bob Dylan’s backing group, they have instead opted for producing an electronically geared wall of sound of Krautrock synth bleeping and guitar feedback. ‘Stay Gold’ is the new single to be taken from the band’s impending sophomore Future This due for release in January 2012 courtesy of 4AD. The track has already been dubbed the Hottest Record In The World by Zane Lowe.