Favourite Albums of 2015

Favourite Albums of 2015

No ranking. No overwrought analysis behind why this album or that album was the truest representation of the state of humanity in the year 2015 AD. Just a list, presented… Read More →

Big Deal Cover Big Star

Big Deal are the latest boy/girl combo making tracks in the indie music scene, but don’t go expecting summery surf-rock of sugar coated electro-pop, Big Deal create music which is lo-fi, sombre and inspired by the slacker guitar movement of the early 1990s. Watch the band cover the ’13’ by Tennessee power-pop legends Big Star here.

Kurt Vile – Smoke Ring For My Halo (Matador)

Smoke Ring For My Halo is the fourth album from Philadelphia guitar maestro and songwriter Kurt Vile. His music purely, simply and beautifully evokes one feeling; that of Americana. From Chicago blues, to folk revival to the sound of 60’s New York, it’s all here woven together in a modern tapestry. Kurt Vile will charm you, and welcome you in to his world, where soon he is sure to be considered one of the classic American songwriters. Words by Matt Chapman.

Kurt Vile Album Teaser

Kurt Vile’s impending album Smoke Ring For My Halo may seem but a speck on the Spring-time horizon, but – luckily – the man himself has released a preview of what it is going to sound like. And I must admit, it’s got us all a bit excited. The track is called ‘Jesus Fever’ and has a beautiful dreamlike quality to it. Watery, jangly guitars and Kurt’s wistful Americana drawl perfectly compliments the upbeat song with its lo-fi ethic. Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon may have dubbed Kurt Vile a “guilty pleasure” in the past, but this song radiates a more simple pleasure.