Favourite Albums of 2015

Favourite Albums of 2015

No ranking. No overwrought analysis behind why this album or that album was the truest representation of the state of humanity in the year 2015 AD. Just a list, presented… Read More →

Panda Bear – Tomboy

2007’s Person Pitch was undoubtedly one of the most intriguing and best albums of the past decade which, in turn, made Noah Lennox one of the most revered artists in American indie. With Panda Bear taking a more traditional “guitar and rhythm” approach to recording, how will Tomboy fair in comparison? Words by Tom Jowett.

Panda Bear’s New Album Gets A Release Date

After all the hints, after all the leaked tracks, the hype has finally come full circle and delivered us with a solid answer; at last, Panda Bear’s new album has a release date. Hallelujah! On April 19th, Tomboy will be released in the US courtesy of Animal Collective’s own record label Paw Tracks.