Dream-Pop, Post-Rock & Shoegaze Mixtape 2000-2014

Dream-Pop, Post-Rock & Shoegaze

Having seen this article on the Guardian, in which they ask readers to submit three tracks that they think should feature on a mixtape showcasing the best music since the… Read More →

Oliver Wilde // Interview

Oliver Wilde Interview

The bedroom recording artist is no longer an uncommon proposition. The image of a person, cutting their songwriting and recording teeth whilst hunched up the solitude of their childhood bedroom… Read More →

The Twilight Sad – No One Can Ever Know

Imbued with a moody and ominous depth that faux-industrialists such as White Lies and Editors would trade their entire black wardrobe for, No One Can Ever Know continues The Twilight Sad’s consistently outstanding form. The album doesn’t waste any time in ensnaring its listener and once again The Twilight Sad have gifted us with a phenomenal piece of work. Words by Timothy Mobbs.

New Song: North Atlantic Oscillation

I would like to see North Atlantic Oscillation and British Sea Power have a fight. I reckon British Sea Power would have won once upon a time but I think North Atlantic Oscillation may have just landed a knock-out punch. ‘Savage With Barometer’ is a first track to be released from the band’s impending sophomore, for fans of the shoegaze stylings of Sigur Ros and the hazy, floating vocals of Grandaddy. Fog Electric has been recorded and produced by Tony Doogan and will be released on April 30th, 2012 via Kscope.

M83 @ O2 Academy Oxford – 24/01/12

The prospect of seeing M83 live at all is a pretty damn exciting one. The fact that in the past year they have released one of the most extraordinary albums of the year, and toured with gargantuan stadium bands like The Killers, makes this prospect even more mouthwatering. Frontman Anthony Gonzales has clearly been taking notes watching his tour mates, finding a new found vocal confidence and a sprinkle of rock star posturing is evident. Words by Dexter Bush.