PADDOX Release EP – Optimistic Visions of the Future

PADDOX - Optimistic Visions of the Future artwork

PADDOX have released their new EP, Optimistic Visions of the Future. Pulsing electronic beats, psychedelic synth soundscapes and the pounding rhythm of Berlin house, Optimistic Visions of the Future is… Read More →

The Oxford Ambient Collective – The Unrequited

It’s Trippy, it’s eerie, it’s futuristic, it’s The Oxford Ambient Collective’s album The Unrequited. Electronic music isn’t everyone’s first choice when it comes to genre, some would call it an acquired taste, however even an outsider can appreciate the talent that has gone into this album. This whole album feels like the backing track to some strange futuristic film, like their should be footage running over the noises that you hear, the music certainly does create a haunting ambience. Words by Alex Meakin.