Tennis – ‘Take Me Somewhere’

Having already delivered the most summery sounding album of the year so far, Tennis have released ‘Take Me Somewhere’ as their most recent single. The track features on the band’s sunshine spangled debut Cape Dory which was released earlier this year. Born out of an impromptu sailing boat trip, Tennis create music which demands that you don your white suit shorts, your stripey French-style t-shirt, your all important sunnies and bask in the radiance of their chirpy sunshine pop.

‘Take Me Somewhere’ does exactly what the title suggests; it transports the listener from the bedroom, the daily commute, in fact anywhere that isn’t on a boat sailing across the beautiful blue. Swooning vocals repeat the mantra “Take me somewhere”, followed by sultry backing “wooing”. It’s a fairly simple song, the guitar sound is clean and remains cheerful throughout, speeding up towards the end and indulging in some 60s style doo-wop pop, bobbing up and down on the oceans surface.

The song is as brief and instant as the British summer, so enjoy it whilst you can. You’ll probably resent it’s positiveity once it starts pissing it down in August and you’re boat shoes are ruined, even then the strong-minded amongst us will be able to use ‘Take Me Somewhere’ as a device for existential escapism.



‘Take Me Somewhere’ will be released on July 18th courtesy of Carmen San Diego Records.