The Dodos ‘Black Night’ Video

The Dodos released an early contender for album of the year this March with their critically acclaimed LP No Color. Released on Frenchkiss Records, the album built upon the noisy acoustic guitar arrangements which made 2008’s Visiter such a success, except this time the band produced a far more cohesive and exciting set of songs.

Album opener ‘Black Night’ perhaps best signals the albums intent; relying upon the classic Dodos formula of tribal, energetic drumming, furiously strummed acoustic guitars and pretty vocal harmonies, the end result sounds more lucid and contains more sonic depth than any of the band’s previous work.

The video, a black and white affair which envisages some kind of weird fight club which pits office clerks, children with painted on facial hair and hairy, scary bikers against each other, can be viewed below:

One thought on “The Dodos ‘Black Night’ Video”

  1. Marrow

    Nice song Dodos. Like the guitar and drumming particularly.