The Donkeys Take Us Back To The 70s

Hellooo! Can you hear me all the way down there in Laurel Canyon??? San Diego’s The Donkeys return with a taster from their forthcoming album Born With Stripes. First single from the album ‘Don’t Know Who We Are’ is part mystic-surfer and part sunshine-slacker, combing a solid groove with mellow guitar tones which oozes both Buffalo Springfield and The Grateful Dead.

Hypno-groove sharks Tame Impala won the award for 1970s psychedelia throwback last year, and I’m already giving The Donkeys the same award for 2011.

The album, Born With Stripes, is set to be released by Dead Oceans on April 25th later this year, so make sure to crack out the super-bong on that day!

The album cover even has a picture of a crazy multicoloured toad surfing on ladies legs. I mean, come on, how trippy is this album gonna be?!? Judging by the first single, not too crazy trippy, but nice and mellow. And that’s…pretty cool.

You can listen to ‘Don’t Know Who We Are’ below:

The Donkeys – ‘Don’t Know Who We Are’