The Dreaming Spires – Brothers In Brooklyn

Brothers in Brooklyn is The Dreaming Spires’ debut album but don’t be fooled, the band members are old hands in the local industry. Brothers Robin and Joe Bennett are former members of Goldrush and Danny & the Champions of the World as well as being co-founders of award-winning festivals Truck and Wood Festivals. Together with a cast of musical friends and supporters they form the band.

Certainly an impressive résumé but what do the boys have to offer? The stand out track of the album is the title track ‘Brothers in Brooklyn’ an upbeat account of the brothers’ time in America backing Mark Gardner in a beaten up Chevrolet van with no mirrors. The song couples a fast tempo with some catchy lyrics to make a high quality piece of music. Trippy ballard ‘Strength Of Strings’ also sticks out sounding almost Coldplay-esque, but don’t let that put you off.  ‘Cathie (Carry On)’ is also worth a mention. The album features 11 tracks of catchy songs that you want to get stuck in your head.

It is clear that the makers of this album love what they do, you can hear they aren’t doing it to get rich or get laid or get recognised in the street, they do it because they love it and that makes this album extremely easy to listen to. That is what will make it put a smile of your face.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy some feel good summertime music from some of Oxfords very finest. And despite the brothers (in Oxford) going through some tough times recently with Truck Festival falling out of their hands and into the welcoming, less cash-strapped, arms of others, the band have been asked back to play at Truck Festival 15 this year. Despite falling from their headlining perch in 2011, The Dreaming Spires are a little further down the bill, but just as important as any other band playing the festival this year.

Released on 11th June 2012 by Clubhouse Records