The Epstein sign to PIAS

Local heroes The Epstein have signed to respectable indie label PIAS (short for Play it again Sam… that isn’t even a real line in Casablanca), nonetheless kudos must be given; it is a label that has had the likes of Dinosaur Jr, I Am Kloot and Joan as Policewoman on the roster. Hurrah for The Epstein!!!

To top this off, The Epstein’s new album, entitled Murmurations , is to be released in early 2013, assuming the Mayan hypothesis fails to come into fruition. Fingers crossed, eh?

The first single on the album ‘I Held You Once’ is out now in BENELUX and features a very nice little guitar line. See the video below and reminisce wistfully about the summer memories that were cruelly taken from us by the weather.

But still, Hurrah for The Epstein!